Therapy for Health Issues

Participating in therapy to process and manage health issues is important for both psychological and physical well being.  Physical health affects psychological health and psychological health can influence physical health. For example, being recently diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure can cause people to feel worried, concerned, angry, anxiety, sadness, numbness, and depressed. These concerns can lead to increasing distress negatively impacting sleep, appetite, and concentration which also exacerbates the physical health of the individual. This is just one example of how health issues are intertwined with psychological health.

The good news is that working on improving psychological well being will improve physical health. Studies show time and time again that having a positive mindset, using relaxation skills, and using positive psychological resources can assist in healing time after surgery, assist in cancer treatment, lower blood pressure levels, and improve overall quality of life.

Ask yourself the following questions regarding whether you could benefit from therapy for health issues:

  • Recently been diagnosed with a disease or illness?
  • Having difficulty managing the illness or disease?
  • Experiencing depression because of deterioration in health?
  • Having a hard time talking to loved ones about your health concerns?
  • Are you tired of avoiding people because of your health concerns?
  • Do you want assistance in improving your mindset and identifying and using positive psychological resources?
  • You ready to live your life to the fullest despite your health issues?

Please feel free to call or contact Dr. Watson to discuss further at 404-954-2713.