Therapy for Men’s Issues

Getting therapy for Men’s issues from a trained psychologist who is sensitive to issues pertaining specifically to men is essential for effective treatment. Psychologists trained and educated about issues pertaining specifically to men can quickly assess these issues and identify treatment strategies to help men, while also normalizing discomfort that may ensue in therapy as related to men’s issues. Dr. Watson has extensive experience working with men and men’s issues and understands the difficulty men experience when seeking a mental health professional. Dr. Watson is easily able to create an atmosphere of safety, compassion, trust, and comfort with her patients, enabling them to openly discuss their concerns and problems.

Our society places certain expectations on men. These expectations may include issues related to masculinity, being competitive, strong and ambitious, role expectations of success and independence, and the pursuit of power and privilege.  While struggling to meet all these society expectations of men, inadequacy, self-esteem issues, depression, anger, and overall dissatisfaction in one’s self and in life can ensue.

Other men’s issues to consider may include the following:

  • Performance issues
  • Competition issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Anger issues
  • Communication issues
  • Intimacy issues
  • Commitment issues
  • Workaholic behaviors
  • Work life balance

Therapy for Men 

Dr. Watson is skilled at not only reducing the shame involved in seeking mental health treatment, but is also passionate about treating men struggling with a variety of issues. She is passionate about helping men with these issues improve their psychological health, self esteem, and overall quality of life. To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Watson to discuss, she can be reached directly at 404-954-2713.