Therapy for Women’s Issues

Therapy for Women’s Issues can help to improve the woman’s sense of self and overall quality of life. Being a woman is wonderful, yet tough at times. In today’s society, women have a lot of pressure related to the roles of working, family, children, body image, care taking, and much much more. Women have unrealistic standards placed upon them by society to be all of the above roles and gracefully balance them. Having these unrealistic societal expectations placed upon women and trying to balance these roles can result in significant stress, depression, and dissatisfaction in one’s self and in life. Having a psychologist trained in providing treatment to women and therapy for women’s issues is important so that these issues can be discussed and appropriately worked upon to help improve the woman’s sense of self, develop self compassion, identify and live a life consistent with ones wants and needs, and improve overall quality of life.

Other women’s issues to consider include:

  • Intimacy issues
  • Pregnancy issues
  • Work life balance
  • Self Image issues
  • Body Image
  • Self esteem issues
  • Care giving for children, elderly parents
  • Choosing whether to have children

Please feel free to contact Dr. Watson to discuss further. She can be reached directly at 404-954-2713 or through her contact form.