Dr. Watson’s Treatment Philosophy

When selecting a therapist to help you achieve your goals, it is important to be comfortable with and understand their treatment philosophy.  Based on my experiences within different treatment settings and individuals suffering from a variety of diverse issues and from various cultural backgrounds, I conduct therapy with a tailored treatment approach and remain flexible, empathetic, and active in the process.

The most important component of therapy is establishing a genuine relational connection. I create this with my patients through genuinely conveying warmth, empathy, interest, and concern.  Also, I create a supportive and safe environment for individuals in order to actively explore issues and experiment with new ways of thinking, behaving, and relating.

Therapy Sessions

During the first several sessions, I work with clients to collaboratively establish treatment goals to ensure there is a working relationship moving towards a common purpose. Also, during the first few sessions, a treatment plan is developed to guide our work together. Throughout treatment, with the client I monitor progress in order to move on to establishing additional goals, tweak existing goals, and to ensure treatment is effective.

Because I have experience in a variety of treatment approaches, I use a variety of techniques in therapy based on my clients goals. I define my treatment approach as assimilative integrationist, meaning I tend to conceptualize client issues from an interpersonal dynamic orientation, and within this framework, I assimilate evidence based treatment approaches. Conceptualizing from a dynamic orientation means that I view the foundation of an individual’s personality, how they approach the world, and how they make sense of any experience as being influenced significantly by their early childhood experiences with significant others. Although I examine the past of an individual, I focus predominately on the present and current patterns and themes that serve to keep people stuck and contribute to current symptoms and distress. I also highlight the strengths of my clients and build upon these strengths in treatment.  I am trained in a variety of evidenced based therapy approaches, which are treatments that have been researched and shown to be effective. I often implement these treatment approaches with my clients.