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Depression: Is it More Than Just a Disorder of the Mind?

Western medicine separates physical and mental health into two categories; and these categories do not overlap. For example, if you have cancer and a mental disorder, the common thinking is that the physical disease must be treated separately from the mental one – but it may be time to reexamine that notion. New evidence shows…

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What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of being more aware in the present moment. It is about focusing on whatever you chose to focus on in the present and bringing your whole self to the experience. The practice involves learning to observe the present moment nonjudgmentally. It is about observing ones experience in an…

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Four Ways to Manage Stress

Whether it be work stress, relationship stress, or health stress, we all experience stress at some point in life and at different degrees of intensity. Key to stress management is learning to target these stressors with strategies and skills. Here are four stress management skills that can help reduce stress and create relaxation. 1. Engagement…

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