What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being more aware in the present moment. It is about focusing on whatever you chose to focus on in the present and bringing your whole self to the experience. The practice involves learning to observe the present moment nonjudgmentally. It is about observing ones experience in an objective manner.

How to Do Mindfulness

There are the “what skills” and the “how skills.” The “what skills” are what you specifically do. The “how skills” are how you practice mindfulness.

The “What Skills:”

The what skills are exact what mindfulness involves. It is observing, describing, and participating in ones experience.

  • Observe
    Mindfulness is about bringing all of your senses into the present moment. For example, what do you hear, see, taste, touch, and smell? The practice involves learning to observe the present moment. Observing without reacting to what your experiencing.
  • Describe
    Describing involves utilizing your words to describe what it is that you are observing. It’s using your words to describe your experience.
  • Participate
    Participate involves bringing your whole self to the experience. It involves acting intuitively and bringing to the experience what is needed.

The “How Skills”

The how skills are how to engage in mindfulness. They involve the concepts of being nonjudgmental, one-mindfully, and effectively.

  • Nonjudgmentally
    When observing, the key to mindfulness is being able to do so objectively without judgment. We call this the nonjudgmental stance where one can observe the moment or object as it is without bringing in judgment. For example, we are observing the fall leaves with all the different colors vs observing the ugly colors of the fall. The word Ugly places judgment. Mindfulness practice encourages and challenges individuals to take a step further and actually describe what you mean when you say ugly vs using a label which places judgment.
  • One-Mindfully
    Whatever you chose to observe, you bring your whole self and observe only one thing. So if you are walking, observe walking only, if you are listening to a person, listen to that one person, if you are sad, allow yourself to be sad by fully experiencing the sadness, if your writing, focus only on writing.
  • Effectively
    Being skillful, whatever works and is needed and necessary for the given situation.

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